@rooted interesting. i see a flaw though: "it believes that all species are intrinsically valuable regardless of their usefulness to humans." does this mean we aren't to value one species over another?

@RossA good stuff. i spent a week learning the cube earlier this year and now i keep it on my coffee table and do it a few times most evenings. getting quicker and quicker...

@colinwalker do you have a process? eg certain amount of time, number of pages etc?

@Burk and yet quite necessary. sometimes it's hard to remember that there are people behind these companies and the products they produce.

@Miraz yes our curve is looking pretty good right now.

@jv a tricky subject to tackle.

engineering cost-benefit analysis includes the human cost of accident injury and death. very sobering to plug into a calculator.

@martinfeld so good alright :)

i haven't got any of his books but for a few years there I had his daily desk calendars, which you ripped off to reveal a new comic each day. many of them ended up under magnets on the fridge.

@jv yes, yes and yes. one of the best books i've read.

@jv it's worth a good skim, some of it's a little dry. some very interesting stuff though about how human populations dispersed and why they developed at such different rates.

@jv do you keep an online reading list? asking for a friend

@yorrike yep i saw a few dads out teaching their kids road biking rules. it was good.

@jv never heard of her or her book. thanks for linking to this.

@JohnPhilpin @kaa yep you can point the finger at individual politicians but i'm more concerned at what looks like systemic unpreparedness in almost every nation's response.

@kaa good piece.

another thing i'd like to see come out of this is that govts get properly prepared for the next one, and actually have a plan instead of seeming to just make it all up as they go along.

@duckrowing that whole financial crisis and the bailouts that followed was a low point of democracy and capitalism. shameful indeed.