Just noticed that for those of us who write dates properly, today’s is a palindrome: 9.10.19.

At the risk of sounding like Reviewbrah I got talked into trying a Burger King Chicken Fry and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten.

Also I got a kettlebell to help with my workouts and my shoulder. 10/10, would get again.

We saw Joker and while it was always going to be a little dark I was surprised at how unrelentingly bleak and anti-human it was. Joaquin’s performance was right on point though. 🍿

Always nice to get a text from your kid wanting to meet up for an impromptu lunch date.

If I’m ever president of NZ, daylight saving will start at 4pm on Monday and not 2am on Sunday.

“That’s a fact because people are saying it.”

Excitement building for the big Aussie Rules final. #gotiges 🏉

Here’s hoping many of the young people involved in today’s climate strikes have their sights set on science and engineering educations. Also, economics.

It’s simultaneously funny, fascinating and frustrating to see what’s going on in our culture right now.

“Be the hero of your own story.”

Sometimes I curse the day I taught my boys how to throw a left-right combo.

Someone left a JW tract under my doormat which just raises more questions than it answers.

Watched Free Solo, a doco about the guy who solo-climbed El Capitan without ropes. WOW. 🍿

So I got employee of the month which is cool and which came with a lei and a voucher for the local bike shop. Which is also cool.