I read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy and found it much akin to his other novel The Road in that it features tortured characters roaming bleak landscapes in search of succour and punctuation and encountering grimness and violence and despair and dead babies hanging from trees all round. I know its sposed to be a great American western but danged if it wasnt tryin on the eyes and brain matter with its missing apostrophes and speech marks and commas and long strung out sentences and more than a little muddled and seemingly directionless for long bits. That said it had some jarring and monumental scenes and the judge sure is a memorable and evil character with some great and tenebrous things to say and I hope they make this one into a film but if they do they better be sure to give it to them Coen brothers or suchlike and not that Hillcoat fella who needs a dang good pistol whippin for what he done to The Road and I reckon even the kid would agree with me on that one.