“This show is just a rollercoaster of emotion.” My boy describing the fantastic Emperor penguin edition of BBC Earth’s Dynasties.

“Do you wish to be buried or creamted?” I’m not sure what my lawyer means but being creamted sounds fun so I’m going with that.

“Nate was then found picking his way through some knitted afghan.” In response to my recent post about hermit crabs, a link to a great post from Troy DeArmitt.

Climbing high into a plum tree and descending with pockets full of plump red ripe fruit is one of my favourite summer activities.

Some other things I enjoyed in 2018:

My oldest boy coming to live with me
Stripey socks
My new bike
House hunting
Modesty Blaise comics
Homemade bone broth
Not having to fly on airplanes at all
Reading books
Making my first zine
Almond butter
Driving my new car