Saylor says

Some collected bitcoin-related quotes from Michael Saylor

Satoshi Nakamoto deserves the Nobel Prize in Economics for the invention of bitcoin, followed by the Nobel Peace Prize for the invention of a monetary system that doesn’t rest on the threat of violence. #

If you want to give joy to five billion people you need digital music. If you want to give knowledge to five billion people you need digital books. If you want to give wealth to five billion people you need digital property. #

The strategy is simple — choose the highest quality asset you can find and hodl. #

Bitcoin is digital property, technically superior to all other forms of property. It is … the solution to the 21st century challenge of economic security and empowerment. #

The 21st century global monetary solution is a digital currency (USD) serving as a medium of exchange backed by a digital asset (BTC) serving as a store of value, with Bitcoin as the final settlement network and Lightning as the transaction network. #

The next chapter of “The Mobile Wave” is Bitcoin and Lightning on billions of mobile devices, providing digital property rights and economic empowerment to everyone on earth. #

Bitcoin offers human rights to the oppressed and economic freedom to the financially repressed. #

We finally have the technology with bitcoin to empower billions of poor and working class people with property rights, economic security, and freedom from financial repression by the state and institutions. The fact that we use electricity to do this should be the least of our concerns. #

Bitcoin mining anchors the global monetary network and leads other industries in recycling waste energy, rescuing stranded energy, and harnessing renewable energy. It is increasing its sustainability mix and improving its energy efficiency faster than any other major industry. #