Delicious sushi for brunch. Becoming a bit of a delicious habit.

Trying Day One again. Let’s see how that goes.

At Whaka, for my first time across Tūhoto Ariki to link up with Split Enz. A fun loop.

We saw Jojo Rabbit and it was ziemlich gut, ja. 🍿

Rewatched Annihilation for the first time since it came out. So good, and so inexplicably underrated. Also, scary ass bear. 🍿

Finished reading Tribe by Sebastian Junger. A short and interesting look at trauma and our ties to each other. 📚

“Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?”

After falling off my bike the very first time I rode with my new calavera-themed mudguard, I fell off the second time too. I now have two crashes’ worth of bumps and cuts and bruises, and I’m wondering if maybe the mudguard is cursed.

“If you had the power to change civilisation, given what you understand about what works and what doesn’t work, what would the rules of a good civilisation be? Your core tool is the trade-offs between competing values… Once you agree on the values and are serious about those values, you won’t achieve perfection on any of them. But what would an optimal balance look like? And what rules would achieve and stabilise that balance?” Bret Weinstein w/ Douglas Murray

“He is reminding us all of our common humanity, that we have much more in common than politicians and partisans would like us to believe. Seeing people as less like cardboard cutouts and more like, well, people, would do us (and our politics) a world of good.” What Obama gets right about ‘cancel’ culture