Daniel update, 7 May

Daniel has been missing for two weeks now.

Last night the police rang and talked about “managing expectations”. They have looked looked in all the right places at all the right times, based on their experience and their modelling. They said the chances of finding Daniel are now “very low”. It is possible we might never get him back.

There will be no more official beach searches. Further official air searches are unlikely unless a sighting report is received. However the police helicopter sometimes travels that coast for other jobs, and they will keep an eye out. Also Daniel’s uncle works with helicopters in Auckland and has been able to divert the occasional flight along the coast.

Last night we received the generous offer of a private airplane out of Ardmore by a couple who also recently lost a son. They have coast search experience and are looking at flying today and early next week as conditions allow.

We are so very grateful for all this help, and for everyone who has walked or ridden the beaches looking for Daniel. Special thanks again to Chris and Sharon and family, I don’t know what we would have done without you guys (and Chico!). A huge thanks also to everyone who has chipped in a few dollars to help cover some of our search expenses — any money left over will be donated to a sea safety charity.

For now I think we’re doing alright, all things considered. Making plans, and lots to do. Trying to control what I can, and trying to be okay with what I cannot.