Daniel update, 2 May

Daniel has been missing ten days now.

Tomorrow SAR will search the coast north and south of Hamilton’s Gap, where we have been searching since Thu 27 Apr. The police will also help with their dogs. Daily morning and evening flyovers are still being done up and down the coast by police and coastguard. Locals are out every day searching too, on foot and on quad bikes.

Today we met with the police again. From the timeline and evidence we have it looks like Daniel drove from his home in Papamoa to Waiuku during the day on Sat 22 Apr. He had previously told his brother and me about his plans to visit Waiuku and Karioitahi. He took his dog, and he bought lunch on the way. In Waiuku he bought some drinks and ice from the bottle shop, and an Anzac poppy. He drove to Karioitahi Beach and had a drink, during which time he texted a mate in Papamoa saying he “wouldn’t be home til late”. Based on sightings, somewhere between 5-6 pm when the sun was setting over the sea he apparently went for a swim, leaving his clothes and all his stuff in his car, and he hasn’t been seen since. He was reported missing on the morning of Mon 24 Apr.

The police update us daily on the official search plans and I will return to the coast to look for Daniel on Thu 4 May, depending on what police and SAR are doing that day. Being out there on the beach looking for my boy is helping me a lot right now, and we will keep looking for our Daniel as long as we’re told there’s a chance of finding him. We just want him home.

Thanks so much for all your support and prayers. Thanks especially to Chris & Sharon and their boys. I will post key updates here.  —T